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Knowing where to start can be very intimidating when starting up a business. These modules take you through the steps from planning your business to building your brand, finding customers, and selling your work, to the business side of tracking your inventory and costs and expenses and sales.

Planning your Business

This module helps you determine your goals, from your business structure to how you want to grow your business. There is nothing more frustrating than working hard at something and not knowing where you are going. Before you start your journey, let’s create a roadmap.

Branding & Social Media

Branding is another one of those big topics that scare many people when starting a business. This module helps you analyze how you want to portray your business, what image you will present, how people will see your business, and how brand strategy affects your selling price. Besides your brand assets, you will also learn why you should leverage social media and a website to create a strong customer base.

Customer Relationships

From understanding human psychology to developing a sales strategy, and closing the deal, this module covers a ton of ground. Learn how to appeal to your target market and build trust using your branding and sales methods. There is more to furniture flipping than creating a product, you also need to know how to make the sale. This module will take your business to the next level.

Inventory and Cost Tracking

Another overlooked step many beginner businesses miss is tracking your inventory and understanding input costs. Not only do you need to track inventory for tax purposes, knowing your inventory asset costs will ensure you are pricing your furniture accurately. This module will explain the concepts behind inventory and cost tracking and give you some different options for keeping track of all of your business costs. Included in the module purchase are comprehensive Inventory and COGS workbooks that will simplify your inventory tracking and furniture pricing.


Many business owners are not bookkeepers. Whether you hire a bookkeeper or want to do it yourself, this module will cover bookkeeping concepts to help you understand why you need to track different aspects of your business. It is better to know before than find out after and have to spend hours retracing your steps finding receipts. Also included in this module is an introduction to using Sage 50 or other bookkeeping software.