For Merchandise purchases (not course purchases, which are all online), shipping is calculated at checkout based on the customer’s shipping address from the printing company’s location. Once a purchase is confirmed, the order is transferred to the printing company and processed at their factory.

Please ensure you use a valid street shipping address – some courier companies may not accept PO Boxes. Furniture Flipping 101 is not responsible for any refused/returned shipments/purchases due to address errors on the customer’s part.

Processing Times

For items with customized designs, for example, a custom year, these product designs are custom created and sent to the printing company. The processing times to change the year are 1-3 days. For more involved customization designs, these times will vary depending on the work involved.

Shipping Options

Shipping options are provided at checkout based on the printer’s options. Domestic Priority and international Priority are possible options, or standard shipping for all products.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are reduced for multiple items of the same product. Combining multiple products will not necessarily reduce the shipping costs since different printing companies often print different products.

Tracking Numbers

Almost all printing companies provide tracking numbers once they fulfill an order. Tracking numbers are emailed through the Furniture Flipping 101 website. Consult your customer portal here to see your orders. Your account is created at the time of purchase – please reset your password if you have difficulty logging in.  

If you are not provided with a tracking number after allowing for the fulfilment of the order (allow 2- 5 business days, minimum), please contact us at

Returns or Refunds

Returns are not permitted for the wrong size or colour or if you change your mind. All products are print-on-demand; therefore, they are considered custom orders and do not qualify for a return or refund.

Should the product(s) arrive defective, please contact within five business days of delivery. Defective products are products with a production error or that arrive damaged/broken, etc. Please photograph any defects and provide these along with your email. Indicate if you want a refund or replacement; we will work with the printing company to satisfy your request.

Shipping Times

These shipping times are estimates provided by the product’s printing company. The shipping times include the fulfillment time, which refers to the time it takes to print the product.


Kids’ Shirts

  • USA 3-1 Business Days
  • Canada 1-7 business days
  • Rest of the World 10-30 business days
  • Rates are reduced for multiple items of the same product


  • USA 2-5 business days
  • Rest of the World 10-30 business days

Tank Tops

  • USA, Canada, Australia 10-30 business days
  • Northern Europe, UK, Ireland 5-15 business days


  • Fulfilment 2-5 business days, then shipping from the production facility to the customer’s address.

Other Products

Ceramic Mugs

  • USA 6-10 business days
  • Rest of the World 10-30 business days

Insulated Covers

  • Australia 1- 7 business days
  • New Zealand 3-56 business days
  • Rest of the World 5-10 business days

Phone Cases

  • USA 2-5 business days
  • Canada 10-15 business days
  • Australia and New Zealand 3-10 business days
  • Europe 10-30 business days
  • South America 4-8 business days
  • Asia 3-10 business days
  • Rest of the World 10-30 business days


  • USA 2-5 business days
  • Rest of the World 10-30 business days

Please see the Terms and Conditions pages for more details.

Effective Date: 3rd day of August 2023