Table Of Contents: How to Apply and Start Earning with the Furniture Flipping 101 Affiliate Program

Increase your Profits with
the Furniture Flipping 101 Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a great way to generate additional income for your business by promoting products on your website, to your email subscribers, or to your social media followers.

The Furniture Flipping 101 affiliate program provides you with a percentage of your attributed sales through promotion of the program.  

The application form is found at the bottom of this page. Please read through the following before applying. 

How it Works

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Know your stuff

You must achieve a minimum 80% mark on the final master exam to apply to the Furniture Flipping 101 affiliate program. The final master exam is the final exam for all four FurnitureFlipping101 courses. 

Once you achieve this mark, you may apply to the Furniture Flipping 101 affiliate program.  

Why 80%

I’ve set this benchmark to ensure those promoting the course understand the content so they can promote it accurately. If you don’t achieve this mark after three attempts, and still wish to apply, please contact me to have your exam attempts reset. 

What is your reach?

Your online presence is used to qualify your application. Those without a social media presence or website will find it very difficult to promote affiliate links. 

Other options for promotion are running ads and using affiliate links to promote products. Please see the affiliate program terms and conditions for what is and what is not allowed with this type of promotion.

How You Track Your Success

Smart Links, Banners, And Buttons

The ThriveCart Furniture Flipping 101 affiliate program area has smart links and banners that you, as an affiliate, can use on your website and social media platforms to promote courses to receive affiliate commissions. 

Set Custom Codes And Offer Bonuses

Approved affiliates can set custom tracking codes to assist with marketing analytics. Also, affiliates can offer a bonus delivery URL allowing those enrolling via the affiliate link to be returned to the affiliate’s website for bonus content. Bonus offers encourage affiliate sales, improve retention, and return the customer to the approved affiliate’s website.

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When you get paid

The Furniture Flipping 101 affiliate program pays a percentage of each sale attributed to the affiliate link after 30 days. This percentage is referred to as a commission. 

The 30 day window allows time to process any refunds against purchase commissions. Payouts will be no later than the end of the month following the 30 day window. 

How You Get Paid

Payments are made through PayPal Business. Additional methods, such as bank transfers, may be added later. 

Current Rates and commissioned Products

Commission rates are subject to change and may change without notice. Please refer to these posted rates for the currently offered commissions. Qualifying  sales’ commissions are based on completed purchases that are not refunded within the eligible refund period. Link clicks do not qualify for commissions – there must be a valid product purchased.


  •         Less than $5000 in attributed sales in 90 days 5%
  •          Greater than $5000 in attributed sales in 90 days, your commission increases to 7%
  • Greater than $10000 in attributed sales in 90 days, your commission increases to 10%

Commissioned Products

At this time, all courses and bundles qualify for affiliate commissions. Subscription payments pay out based on the monthly or weekly payment value. 


Net revenue qualifying sales over $5000 CAD in 90 days increase your commission rate to 7% and net revenue qualifying sales over $10000 increase your commission rate to 10%. This rate is in effect so long as sales remain over $5000  or $10000 within a consecutive 90-day period. Those with sales over $10000 achieve VIP status. 

Links and Cookies Explained

Cookies are like footprints, they track a person’s behaviour.  When you click a link, a cookie is used to track that click. Those cookies tell me to whom I attribute the sale. Affiliate link clicks (cookies) expire after 30 days.  Attributed sales are applied based on the last affiliate link clicked. For example, should someone click on your affiliate link and not enroll in a course and then click on another affiliate’s link and enroll in a course, the last affiliate link clicked receives the sale’s commission. 

Why use cookies?

Cookies are used to track the links and purchases attributed to those links. Without cookies, it is not possible to track what link was clicked to attribute the sale. It is not within the control of the Furniture Flipping 101 website affiliate program to enforce the use of cookies. It is recommended that you suggest the person allow cookies to ensure accurate attribution of commissions based on purchases made through affiliate links. 

First-party vs. Third-party cookies

The cookies used are first-party cookies, not third-party. Third-party cookies have caused problems for the affiliate marketing industry due to changes to privacy measures. 

Clearing their cookies or cache

Occasionally, you may find the customer clearing cookies/cache or changing devices between visiting an affiliate link and completing their order (so no tracking information is available to be referenced). Unfortunately, these steps are outside of the control of this website and affiliate program.  

By suggesting to your followers that they allow cookies when following the links, you are helping to ensure you receive credit for any sales made through your link. 


How and how not to Promote

Do this

  • Promote The Furniture Flipping program on social media
  • Write about The Furniture Flipping program on your website’s blogs and articles
  • Create educational YouTube, TikTok, or Reel videos that talk about what you learned in The Furniture Flipping program
  • Place The Furniture Flipping program’s logos and banners on your website
  • Send The Furniture Flipping program’s promotional links to your email list

Don’t do this – it will get you banned.

  • Use your affiliate link on coupon or deal sites
  • Don’t falsely advertise
  • Don’t change any logos or banners.
  • Don’t use your link for your own purchases
  • Don’t offer unofficial codes and coupons
  • Do not misrepresent the website or use the affiliate program fraudulently

See the Affiliate Terms and Conditions page for full details on what is and is not permitted. You agree to abide by these terms and conditions by applying to the Furniture Flipping Affiliate Program. 

Copyright (C)

The website, logo, and other branding are copyrighted and shall not be used to misrepresent the Site’s ownership or its content.   All rights are reserved for website content and affiliate brand assets such as logos, banners, and links. 

Any misrepresentation, such as claiming ownership or rights to the content, will result in removal from the Furniture Flipping affiliate program.

Please see this Site’s Terms and Conditions for complete details. 


Approval is done manually, and successful applicants will receive notification within 30 days of application (usually much faster). Furniture Flipping reserves the right to revoke access to the Furniture Flipping affiliate program at any time. 


Once you have read and agree to the above, the terms and conditions and the Affiliate Program terms and conditions, please review and submit the application below. 

Approval is not guaranteed, but all applications are reviewed and considered.  False answers or misrepresenting your social presence or website presence will result in disqualification. 

Furniture Flipping 101 Affiliate Program application form

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