About Furniture Flipping 101

About Me

I’m Lottie Guhle, program creator and instructor, website builder, social media manager, graphic designer, and Jacqueline of all trades, you might say.  You may have seen me on various furniture refinishing groups for several years offering refinishing and flipping advice. And while I am still very active on those groups, I wanted to create a solution to the problems I see repeatedly occurring for many new and even seasoned refinishers. 

I have spent the last two years (yes, TWO YEARS …and counting) designing this program to give you the absolute best advice you can get, following a simple, step-by-step format. I know what you need to learn to become the best you can be, and I have created a program like no other. In those years I have researched and written four courses with a total of 20 modules and quizzes, plus designed and built this website, in addition to creating many course graphics and videos.

Building this course and website has been a labour of love so that I can help those of you struggling with finding quality, accessible content that will build your skills and improve your knowledge of all things furniture refinishing.

My experience

I’ve worn many hats in my life that have taught me a wide range of skills and comprehensive knowledge. I’ve taken my 25+ years of experience in renovating and building homes and refinishing furniture and crammed it all into a program just for you. Additionally, I have brought my bookkeeping education and experience to the Business Management course.

My mission is to share my decades of experience with students looking to build their skills and understanding of the furniture refinishing industry’s products, principles, and practices. 

If you would like to see some of my work, you can visit my my furniture refinishing’s website, Vintage Nouveau. Feel free to check it out and follow me on both this page’s and that page’s social media platforms. You will find the Furniture Flipping 101’s social media links in the footer below. 

About The Furniture Flipping 101 Program

The Furniture Flipping 101 Program provides a step-by-step approach to the various products, principles, and practices that furniture artists need to know. The program includes four jam-packed courses with 20 modules, 248 chapters, 20 quizzes, four final exams, and one master exam. 

Many people start flipping furniture without any prior knowledge or by asking questions on Facebook groups. But think of it this way, do master chefs learn to cook by asking people in Facebook groups, or do they study and learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques from experienced professionals?

And, while there are a lot of experienced furniture finishers giving advice on Facebook, there are a lot of not-so-experienced people also giving poor advice. Those people are often repeating something they heard somewhere else that doesn’t apply to that situation. So whose advice do you follow? How do you know?

The Furniture Flipping 101’s program teaches you the WHYS behind the HOWS.  With this knowledge, you will understand when and where to apply the different techniques you learn. Students will find invaluable tips and tricks throughout the courses to save time and money and prevent beginner mistakes.

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How it Works

Furniture Flipping 101 was created with furniture painters and refinishers, like you, in mind. This series of easy-to-understand modules provides a straightforward explanation of the products, principles, and practices that furniture artists need to know. From selecting your furniture to choosing the right brush, paint, and stain to preparing, painting, and marketing your piece, you learn what it takes to produce and sell furniture. 

The introductory course introduces you to the basic products, concepts, and skills used by furniture refinishers. The subsequent intermediate and advanced courses teach increasingly important practices and skills as your knowledge and understanding increases. The skills courses are incremental, building on previously learned knowledge, and each course a prerequisite to the proceeding course. 

Finally, there is a business management course for those interested in the financial side of furniture flipping. The business management course’s modules cover everything from setting up a business plan to tracking inventory, managing your books, and marketing your business. 

You can choose to take the Business Management Course as part of the full Furniture Flipping 101 program, or you can take it as a stand-alone course. I separated this course from the skills courses, so that experienced refinishers who want to work on their business skills could choose this option.  

Choose one course at a time, or budget your course or program with subscription payments or bundle offers. 

For those who are looking for affiliate programs to earn passive income, the affiliate program is available to those who successfully complete the Furniture Finishing 101 program. 

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