Furniture Flipping 101
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This skills bundle brings all of the furniture refinishing courses together so you won’t miss anything.

Do you want to learn the skills but not the business side? This bundle brings all of the furniture refinishing courses together for those who just want to refinish furniture. Start with the basics and move your way up through the intermediate and advanced-level modules. Mastering furniture refinishing is within your grasp!

You will received instant access to all three skills courses with the Skills Bundle – One Time Payment purchase.

Introductory Course

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of furniture refinishing. You will learn about the different paints stains and protective finishes, the different product classes, how to prepare a piece, and the different tools, supplies and PPE you may require.

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Intermediate Course

The intermediate course takes your skills up another notch by introducing you to identifying different furniture materials, tree components and how they work together to create wood grain and figure, sanding, stripping, staining, and dyeing wood.

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Advanced Course

Ready to move on to the advanced level skills? This course covers finding the right pieces, learning how to repair them, a complete look at paint sprayers from their components and how to use them, and then learning advanced protective finishes and decorative finishes.

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