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*Completion of the Introductory Course is a pre-requisite for this course.

The intermediate course takes your skills up another notch by introducing you to the intermediate refinishing skills identifying different furniture materials, tree components and how they work together to create wood grain and figure, sanding, stripping, staining, and dyeing wood. 

Furniture Materials and Identification

In the introductory courses, we covered what you will put on the furniture, but we have a look at what is underneath in this module. To make the best refinishing decisions, you first need to understand the materials you are working with and know how to identify them. 

Wood 101

While this could be a course on its own, this module is an excellent introduction to the different components of wood, how a tree grows, the effects of the components on refinishing, and how different woods react to different refinishing methods.

Sanding 101

Some of the biggest mistakes new furniture refinishers make are related to sanding. This module provides a complete understanding of how sandpaper grits work, the stepped approach to sanding, and the correct sanding methods.


If you plan on refinishing furniture, you need to understand the different stripping methods. This module covers the different methods and walks you through the steps you need to take to strip a piece of furniture correctly.

Staining and Dyeing Wood

Another fundamental skill that all furniture refinishers should know is to stain or dye wood correctly. Correctly stained or dyed wood adds immense beauty to a finished project, but it can ruin a good thing when the stain or dye is applied poorly.

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