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The Furniture Flipping 101 program is a four-part program. The first three skills courses cover refinishing products, principles, and practices, and the final course covers how to grow your business.

You can take the Business Management course as the fourth step or on its own. However, each of the skills courses is taken consecutively, building on the concepts learned in the earlier one. Therefore, each is a pre-requisite to the one following, starting with the Introductory Course.

Watch the program overview video for a brief walkthrough of the program’s contents. For full details, see below. 

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Introductory Course Overview

As with anything, you must begin at the beginning. The Introductory Course eases you into the world of refinishing by introducing you to the products you will need to get started and how to use them. 

The concepts are essential, as the knowledge gained will be invaluable as you work through the next-level courses and start your refinishing journey. Even those with experience will learn fundamental concepts that broaden their knowledge and improve their understanding of the whys behind the hows.

Learn about the components of paint and stain and how they influence the product’s qualities and usage. From there, learn how to choose the correct product for the project. This module provides fundamental knowledge to anyone who works with these products.

While this may seem simple, there is much more to choosing the right paintbrush than picking one off the wall at the home improvement centre. You will learn the different components of a paintbrush and how each one contributes to the brush’s function.

Deep dive into the basics of how to prep and apply paint. Learn the different variables that affect the outcome of your piece, whether it means success or failure.

Purchasing tools, supplies, and PPE can be expensive, especially if you buy ones you don’t need. Learn what different tools are available and how to choose the right ones for your refinishing style. From picking the right paintbrushes to finding the right prep tools, this is a must for anyone looking to invest in their business.

A critical component of any project, understanding how protective finishes work and when they are needed, will enable you to create professional pieces that withstand the test of time. This module teaches you the different types of products commonly used by refinishers, their pros and cons, and which products are compatible and which aren’t.

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Intermediate Course Overview

Take your skills to the next level with this next course by delving deeper into the skills furniture artists need to master.

The Intermediate course takes your skills up another notch by introducing you to identifying different furniture materials and tree components and how they work together to create wood grain and figure, sanding, stripping, staining, and dyeing wood.

In the introductory modules, we covered what you will put on the furniture, but we have a look at what is underneath in this module. To make the best refinishing decisions, you first need to understand the materials you are working with and know how to identify them.

While this could be a course on its own, this module is an excellent introduction to the different components of wood, how a tree grows, the effects of the components on refinishing, and how different woods react to different refinishing methods.

Some of the biggest mistakes new furniture refinishers make are related to sanding. This module thoroughly explains how sandpaper grits work, the stepped approach to sanding, and the correct sanding methods.

To refinish furniture, you need to understand the different stripping methods. This module covers the different methods and walks you through the steps you need to take to strip a piece of furniture correctly.

Another fundamental skill that all furniture refinishers should know is to stain or dye wood correctly. Correctly stained or dyed wood adds immense beauty to a finished project, but it can ruin a good thing when the stain or dye is applied poorly.

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Advanced Course Overview

Ready to move on to advanced-level skills? This course covers finding the right pieces, learning how to repair them, a complete look at paint sprayers from their components and how to use them, and then learning advanced protective finishes and decorative finishes.

Another mistake many furniture refinishers make is buying the wrong pieces. Whether finding a piece for yourself or flipping for a profit, this module will help you make the right decision.

Furniture refinishers often come across problems they don’t know how to fix. This module covers many common problems you will encounter and the steps to repair them.

Paint sprayers are an intimidating topic for a lot of furniture refinishers. This module breaks down the options, from the sprayer’s components to choosing a suitable sprayer for your needs and budget.

This module will cover more advanced protective finishes that furniture refinishers need to understand. While the go-to for many beginner refinishers is a water-based finish, this module covers those that can make your piece pop.

Decorative finishes take a piece of furniture to the next level. You will learn a wide array of decorative finishes that many furniture artists use to transform their pieces.

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Business Management Course Overview

The business management course can be taken as the final course in the Furniture Flipping 101 program or as a standalone course for those interested in improving their business. The concepts focus on refinishing topics, but anyone with a small business can take this course and gain valuable knowledge.

Here you will learn how to create a business plan, set up your business accounts, and develop your marketing, branding, and sales strategies.  The final two modules teach you inventory and bookkeeping basics, which are crucial business skills.  

This module helps you determine your goals, from your business structure to how you want to grow your business. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard at something and not knowing where you are heading. Before you start your journey, let’s create a roadmap.

Branding is another big topic that scares many people when starting a business. This module helps you analyze how you want to portray your business, what image you will present, and how people will see your business. This module will have you off to a good start, from creating your social media presence to whether or not you have a website and designing a logo and marketing materials.

What good is a business if you can’t sell anything? There are so many facets to selling products. You may have the best product in the world, but it does no good if no one sees it. There is more to selling than creating a product. This module covers the steps from understanding your market, pricing accordingly, creating a sales strategy, and customer relationships.

Another overlooked step many beginner businesses miss is tracking your inventory and understanding input costs. This module will explain the concepts behind inventory and cost tracking and give you some different options for keeping track of all of your business costs.

Many business owners are not bookkeepers. Whether you hire a bookkeeper or want to do it yourself, this module will cover bookkeeping concepts to help you understand why you need to track different aspects of your business. It is better to know before than find out after and have to spend hours retracing your steps to find receipts. I walk you through how to set up your software and provide two Charts of Accounts suitable for furniture refinishing.

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Bonus Features

Besides course content, check out the included bonus features!

Each course has a downloadable notes pdf with an outline of the chapters. You can print this document to take notes or type in it using Adobe Acrobat (free software). Keep these notes for studying and easy future reference.

Included in the Business Management course are valuable downloads you can use to track your inventory and set up your bookkeeping software. You will also get two workbooks to develop your business strategies and business plan.

Each module and course has a quiz or exam to test and reinforce your knowledge. The program has a Master Final Exam. If you pass it with 80% or higher, you qualify to apply to the affiliate program.

Not sure what something means?  The pop-up glossary provides definitions for the more advanced terms to help with comprehension.

Subscription or instant access purchase options are available for every budget. 

Want to save a bundle? Bundled pricing offers a significant discount. The All-Access bundle is available as a subscription (weekly or monthly) or instant-access purchase. The Skills bundle is available as an instant-access one-time payment or a monthly subscription. You can learn more here. 

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